The Future of Healing is Psychedelic

Help meet the growing need for trained therapists who can provide psychedelic-assisted therapy via this special offer of $1,050 off course tuition for MyWellbeing practitioners. Tuition with this offer is $3,950.

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2024 is a milestone year for the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy (PAT). Decades of psychedelic research demonstrates promising benefits for improving mental health and spiritual well-being for diverse populations. 

With potential approval of MDMA-assisted therapy by the Federal Drug Agency, now is the time to invest in learning about the emerging modality of PAT.

If you’re interested in integrating PAT into your practice safely, ethically, and effectively, consider enrolling in Beckley Academy’s Relational Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy course. 

Beckley Academy's Relational Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Course

Online learning that’s collaborative and transformative.

  • Small cohorts, intentionally capped at 30 learners
  • 13-weeks, online, designed for working professionals
  • Combines live meetings for discussion and practice with self-paced pre-work
  • Immersive cacao ceremony to practice skills in a safe online container
  • Trauma-informed, with a focus on relational ethics and cultural competency
  • Backed by 25-year legacy of the Beckley Foundation, a pioneer in funding the resurgence of psychedelic research

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A Personal & Professional Transformation

“Completing the Relational Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy program was a professionally and personally transformative experience. I’m so grateful for the deep knowledge and human connections this course provided.

I gained tools to ethically and safely incorporate psychedelic-assisted therapy into my practice. The facilitators created an open, compassionate environment where we could explore significant topics — including embodied practices, harm reduction, and maintaining right relationship with plant medicines — with wisdom and care.

For anyone called to this purposeful work, I highly recommend this course.”

—Francesca Sciandra
Integrative Therapist

“Beckley’s position in psychedelic education has manifested spectacularly with the Relational Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy program.

The course was challenging, and delivered several curveballs, in a way that so many traditional practitioners could benefit from…gently broaching sensitive topics that can flip your mind upside-down.

I would never have thought it would be possible that I could recommend online training above classroom training, but the quality of this course was so good, it would unquestionably contend with any other of its type.”

—Stephen Galvin, MD

Heart-Centered, Embodied Online Learning

Course Facilitators – Upcoming Cohorts

Cohort begins October 7
Danielle M. Herrera

Danielle M. Herrera


Course Facilitator
Cohort begins October 28
karina sergi

Karina Sergi


Course Facilitator