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Danielle M. Herrera

Danielle M. Herrera, LMFT

Danielle M. Herrera, M.A. LMFT is an Ohlone Land (Oakland) based Psychotherapist providing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (KAT), psychedelic integration, and harm reduction psychotherapy at Sage Integrative Health and within private practice. Danielle is currently a course facilitator with Beckley Academy teaching practitioners the foundations of psychedelic assisted therapies. Danielle is currently a supervisor and clinical consultant for Alchemy Community Therapy Center, where she served as a ketamine assisted therapist for underrepresented populations.

Danielle has extensive history in working with “addictions”, recovery, and harm reduction with The Harm Reduction Therapy Center and with Dr. Jennifer Fernandez at the California Center for Change. Her experience with these organizations alongside her early work with the Homeless Children’s Network informs her warm and emotion-focused decolonized framework, with attunement to systemic oppressions and violences that impact the individual within a complicated ecosystem. Danielle enjoys working with families, couples in monogamous and ethically non-monogamous shaping alike, and individuals experiencing spiritual emergence or exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness, Queer & Trans BIPOC, people who use drugs, and others outside of the mainstream.

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