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The future of healing is psychedelic.

Beckley Academy provides transformative, heart-centered psychedelic training for therapists and medical professionals.

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Their healing begins with your learning.

In the coming years, over 10 million people will benefit from clinical healing through psychedelics. Our intention is to create the ethical and responsible learning environments that will prepare the practitioners who will support them.

Online Learning You'll Actually Love.

Embrace the future of healing with Beckley Academy’s online and flexible courses.  With cohort-based and self-managed options, we deliver engaging and interactive learning experiences that you’ll genuinely enjoy. We understand the busy lives of professionals and have tailored our courses to fit seamlessly into your schedule. With our dynamic and user-friendly interface, you’ll find yourself immersed in learning that’s effective, empowering, and meaningful–making it simpler than ever to fit education into your professional journey.

Our teaching is backed by science.

At Beckley Academy, we pride ourselves on offering a curriculum deeply rooted in scientific research. Our teachings are not just theoretical but are backed by extensive studies and evidence in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy. This research-based approach ensures that our students receive the most current and scientifically validated information, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to excel in their practice. Our commitment to science and research empowers our students to be at the forefront of the psychedelic-assisted therapy revolution.

Relationship determines outcomes.

Relationships are at the core of effective therapy, and at Beckley Academy, we emphasize the power of relational dynamics in therapeutic settings. Our courses are designed to not only impart knowledge but also to cultivate the essential skills needed to build strong, empathetic, and effective therapeutic relationships. We understand that the quality of the therapeutic relationship significantly influences outcomes, and our training focuses on developing these vital interpersonal skills. By nurturing a deep understanding of relational dynamics, our students are better equipped to facilitate meaningful and transformative experiences for others.

Justice is in our DNA.

Beckley Academy is committed to fostering a culturally responsive and inclusive learning environment. We recognize the importance of social justice and cultural sensitivity in the field of mental health. Our curriculum is infused with principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring that our teachings are relevant and respectful to all cultures and communities. This approach is not just an add-on; it’s woven into the fabric of our educational philosophy. By integrating cultural responsiveness into our training, we prepare our students to provide compassionate, informed, and just care to diverse populations, respecting the unique experiences and needs of each individual.

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Which Beckley Academy course is right for you?

Rigorous & Real-Time

I am seeking to practice psychedelic-assisted therapy in a clinical environment.

I want to learn through live remote sessions while collaborating with a cohort of peers.

I am a practicing licensed mental health professional or student with an existing foundation of understanding of psychedelic assisted therapy.

I am ready to make a 6-month commitment to deepening my understanding of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Relational PAT

Asychronous Essentials

I am seeking to understand the basics of psychedelics and mental health across the full spectrum of care.

I want to learn through self-paced online modules with supplementary opportunities for in person collaboration.

I am a nurse, doctor, guide, coach, or mental health professional without significant prior knowledge of psychedelic assisted therapy.

I am ready to make a 30-hour commitment to exploring a new area of learning.

Psychedelic Care

Learning for Your Entire Team

I am responsible for educating a team of mental health or medical professionals and need a reliable training partner.

Beckley Academy offers concise, impactful courses that elevate the collective expertise of entire teams in psychedelic care. Our programs are designed to cater to diverse professional needs, ensuring your team stays ahead in this evolving field.

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Diving Into the PAT Learning Experience

What’s happening beneath the surface in the therapy room, and what are the best ways to learn how to work with clients in non-ordinary states of consciousness? Which skills are less effective when a client is outside ‘normal’ consciousness? What additional therapeutic skills can support clients in PAT sessions and integration?

Join our faculty and staff as they discuss these and other core questions that guide Beckley Academy’s course design.

The Arc of Psychedelic Experience

This three-part webinar series takes a deep dive into the “before, during, and after” of the psychedelic-assisted therapy experience from the practitioner’s perspective.

Beckley Academy faculty members Danielle Herrera, LMFT and Karina Sergi, LMFT guide viewers through topics such as creating a safe container for PAT, holding space in non-ordinary states, tapping into inner healing intelligence, and identifying material for integration.

Remarkable Roots. Incomparable Community.

At Beckley Academy, we are building on the work of luminaries in our field. Guided by Amanda Feilding and co-founded by Beckley Waves, our mission is rooted in moving beyond traditional methods to explore innovative therapies that address the growing mental health crisis more effectively. We are committed to approaches that offer more than just a temporary solution.

“I think there's no other issue in the world that causes such suffering and which could be improved simply by rethinking.”

Amanda Feilding

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