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A Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Learning Framework

Open Source Learning Objectives for Practitioners

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The Present Crossroads

The field of psychedelic-assisted therapy (PAT) is poised at a pivotal juncture. Its potential to revolutionize mental health treatment is immense, yet the absence of national training standards and certifications for practitioners remain a critical gap. In the current landscape, a myriad of organizations independently craft their guidelines and ethical standards, leading to a fragmented approach that risks diluting the quality and consistency of practitioner training. This situation underscores the need for a harmonized educational framework that can guide the next generation of psychedelic therapists.

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Beckley Academy's Research Initiative

In response to this pressing need, Beckley Academy has taken a proactive step forward. Our team, drawing upon a rich history of practice guidelines and codes of ethics, created a streamlined methodology and baseline set of behavioral health learning objectives for psychedelic therapy practitioners. This initiative aims not only to bridge the existing gaps but also to foster a unified and comprehensive educational paradigm that ensures the highest quality of therapy training for practitioners across the field.

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“This research provides a best-in-class methodology and a baseline set of learning objectives to debate and build upon. Clinicians, policy-makers, and educators have been waiting for this type of expert analysis to move forward the important task of setting clinical practice guidelines.”

Megan Bowers PattersonDirector of Operations and Business Development at APPA
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A Vision for Collaboration

The proposed learning framework by Beckley Academy is envisioned as a cornerstone for the psychedelic therapy education system. It seeks to consolidate disparate efforts, reduce redundancy, prompt dialogue, and promote a set of comprehensive behavioral health learning objectives. By harmonizing the educational landscape, we pave the way for a more cohesive approach, ensuring that practitioners are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to nurture positive patient outcomes.

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Open Science and Accessibility

True to the ethos of open science, Beckley Academy is committed to publishing the training framework under a Creative Commons license. This strategic move is designed to ensure that the framework is freely accessible, allowing for widespread adoption and adaptation within the psychedelic community. By democratizing access to this crucial educational resource, we aim to empower educators, practitioners, and researchers alike, fostering an environment of shared learning and growth.

A Call to Action

Beckley Academy invites stakeholders from across the psychedelic therapy landscape to engage with and contribute to this initiative. By coming together to advance the creation of training standards, we can collectively uplift the field, ensuring that it rests on a foundation of excellence and integrity. Beckley Academy stands at the forefront of this endeavor, ready to steward a future where psychedelic-assisted therapy is recognized not only for its therapeutic potential but also for its rigorous approach to practitioner education.


“Therapy is key to patient outcomes. This important research contribution highlights that psychedelic-assisted therapy is essentially about the therapy rather than the psychedelic compound. The work Beckley Academy is doing to understand how therapeutic skills are conceived and taught is essential to enabling millions of people’s healing and minimizing the risk of difficult outcomes that could have been mitigated with proper training.”

Rick DoblinFounder and President of the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Beyond Training: A Ripple Effect

The Beckley Academy's framework extends its influence far beyond individual training sessions, impacting various sectors with its comprehensive approach. Here's how:

Therapists, Social Workers, and Mental Health Professionals

✔ Plan professional development
✔ Evaluate training programs

Professional Organizations

✔ Evaluate and innovate training programs
✔ Set industry-wide standards

Universities and Training Organizations

✔ Assess and develop curriculum
✔ Innovate educational programs

Researchers & Drug Development Organizations

✔ Guide clinical trial training manuals
✔ Support professional assessment based on training

State Legislators

✔ Inform policy decisions
✔ Develop statewide training standards

Federal Regulatory Departments

✔ Influence policy making
✔ Establish federal training guidelines

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Methodology & References

Drawing on over 600 themes from eight major publications, the Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Learning Framework establishes a robust set of learning objectives, written according to the American Psychological Association’s (APA) guidelines. This comprehensive approach not only encompasses MDMA-, Psilocybin-, and Ketamine-assisted therapy but also integrates crucial JEDI principles, ensuring the framework’s relevance and applicability across diverse therapeutic settings.

We are working with interested stakeholders to gather feedback on the framework and we want to hear from you!

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