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Essentials of Psychedelic Care

A primer for healers across the spectrum of care.

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Tailored for Healthcare Professionals Eager to Master Psychedelic Care Practices

Dive into the innovative realm of psychedelic healing with Beckley Academy’s comprehensive introductory course. Specially crafted for nurses, doctors, and other healers, this course is designed to empower you with the skills and understanding necessary to integrate psychedelic care into your professional practice safely and ethically. By completing Essentials of Psychedelic Care, you will position yourself at the vanguard of this rapidly evolving field, ready to support the many seeking psychedelic healing.

Beckley Academy provides rigorous online learning that’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Here’s what you can expect.

Enroll for immediate access to course materials

Begin your journey into psychedelic care the moment you enroll with Beckley Academy. Immediate access to our comprehensive course materials allows you to immerse yourself in the world of psychedelic medicine without delay. Our user-friendly online platform ensures that all the resources you need are just a click away, providing you with the flexibility to start learning according to your schedule.

Learn from experts in the field at your own pace

Our course is curated and led by renowned experts in psychedelic care, offering you insights and knowledge from the forefront of the field. The self-paced structure respects your professional commitments, allowing you to absorb and reflect on the learning material at a pace that suits you best. This personalized approach ensures that you can deeply engage with each module, integrating the teachings effectively into your practice.

Be ready to put your new knowledge to use within weeks

Beckley Academy’s streamlined and efficient course design means you won’t just be learning — you’ll be preparing to apply your new knowledge in practical settings in a matter of weeks. Our focus on actionable skills and real-world applications equips you with the competence to start making a difference in your professional practice rapidly. This quick turnaround from learning to application underscores our commitment to delivering education that is not only informative but immediately impactful.

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Beckley Academy Contributors

Consultants, contributors, and guest speakers who have generously shared their wisdom and experience.

andrea turnipseed
Andrea Turnipseed, LCSW


Andrew Penn
Andrew Penn, RN, NP


Carolina Maggio
Carolina Maggio, psychotherapist

Consultant, Contributor (epc)

Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim, practitioner

Contributor (epc)

Danielle M. Herrera
Danielle Herrera, LMFT

Consultant, Contributor (epc), Faculty

Darron Smith
Darron Smith, PhD, PA-C


dingle spence
Dingle Spence, MD

Consultant, Guest Speaker

gail serruya
Gail Serruya, MD


gita vaid
Gita Vaid, MD

Consultant, Guest Speaker

Jasmine Virdi
Jasmine Virdi, practitioner

Consultant, Contributor (epc)

Joseph Mccowan
Joseph McCowan, PsyD

Consultant, Guest Speaker

Justin Davis
Justin Davis, Facilitator

Contributor (epc)

karina sergi
Karina Sergi, LMFT

Consultant, Contributor (epc)

Keith Heinzerling
Keith Heinzerling, MD

Contributor (rpat)

kwasi adusei
Kwasi Adusei, DNP

Consultant, Contributor (epc)

liam modlin
Liam Modlin, psychotherapist


Luciana Fondaras
Luciana Fondaras, Psychotherapist

Consultant, Contributor (rpat)

Marcela Wakeham
Marcela Wakeham, somatic practitioner

Course Contributor (rpat), & Cacao Facilitator

michelle baker jones
Michelle Baker Jones, psychotherapist

Consultant, Contributor (rpat)

Monnica Williams
Monnica Williams, PhD, psychologist

Course Contributor (epc)

Oliver Bashford
Oliver Bashford

Consultant, Contributor (rpat)

Rochelle Sharpe Lohrasbe
Rochelle Sharpe Lohrasbe, PhD, RCC

Contributor (epc)

sara gael
Sara Gael, LPC

Contributor (epc), Faculty

Sara Reed
Sara Reed, psychotherapist

Contributor (epc)

tatiana santini
Tatiana Santini, RP, RCC

Consultant, Contributor (rpat)

shirelle noble
Shirelle Noble

Consultant, Contributor (rpat, epc)
Co-Author, Learning Framework

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Innovative Approaches

Explore groundbreaking techniques that are reshaping mental health care.

Holistic Healing

Delve into therapies that integrate mind, body, and spirit for comprehensive care.

Professional Growth

Elevate your career by mastering emerging practices in psychedelic therapy.

Is Essentials of Psychedelic Care right for you?

We understand that this course requires a significant investment in both time and money. Ethical and responsible psychedelic education is necessarily deep and significant, and we know it is not for everyone, at every time. However, if you are curious about learning with Beckley Academy, we want to support you in resolving any concerns, questions, or obstacles. A great next step would be to speak to a Beckley enrollment specialist today.

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