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kabir cooppan

Pronouns: he, him, his

Kabir Cooppan-Boyd

His Role

As a Manager of Learner Experience, and member of the founding team at the Beckley Academy, Kabir creates a positive learning experience for our students. He is committed to supporting prospective psychedelic therapists through Beckley’s course offerings, while continually working to improve the course curricula. In both his work and personal life, he hopes to bring integrated medicine, heart-centered care, creative expression, and community networks to the forefront of wellness.

His Story

Kabir’s interest in psychedelic medicine, particularly its therapeutic applications, began the summer after high school during an internship with MAPS in the Santa Cruz office. MAPS’ commitment to widespread integrated health and tight-knit workplace community sparked and nurtured his enduring desire to expand access to psychedelic medicines. He majored in psychology and wrote his senior thesis on psilocybin therapy as a treatment for existential distress.

Kabir volunteered for the Measure 109 Psilocybin Therapy campaign in Oregon after graduation. The campaign was an inspirational albeit frenzied time for Kabir and his team. They were successful and after the victory, Kabir joined the Center for Consciousness Medicine (CCM). His work at CCM deepened his enthusiasm for both psychedelic academic research and equity-oriented approaches to psychedelic therapy.

His Why

A combination of transformative personal experiences and early exposure to groundbreaking clinical research inspired Kabir to pursue a career in the psychedelic therapy space. His time working in Oregon on the Measure 109 campaign exposed him to thousands of folks across the state in desperate need of new treatment options. This experience instilled a desire to have a meaningful impact on the expansion and accessibility of psychedelic therapy.

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